COVID19 Evictions and Rentals

Have you been evicted or your housing been affected as a result of COVID-19?


The COVID19 pandemic has resulted in massive incursions into the community in ways not seen outside of periods of war. The impacts of those incursions have already been and will continue to be, far-reaching. Within this, we are currently assessing the merit of government decision-making and decision-makers in both real-time and with the benefit of hindsight inside the housing sector.


If you have been evicted due to COVID-19, suffered discrimination from a real estate agency or agent, been placed on a rental black-list, or had your privacy breached within obtaining housing, please submit your contact details to express your interest in the class action and to be kept up-to-date about this investigation.

Your details will remain confidential.


Leaving your details does not oblige you to participate in the class action investigation going forward.

Submit your details for interest

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